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Good Head Range

Green Apple Flavoured Oral Sex Lotion 


GoodHead Oral Delight Gels are simply perfect for those who love giving and receiving, and want to take giving great head to the next level. This Green Apple flavoured edible oral sex enhancer is delicious and will help you give head like you wouldn’t believe! Just a few drops of this gel and you’re good to go! Your lover will be delighted!
GoodHead Oral Delight Gels are proudly made in America.

- Green Apple-flavoured oral delight gel
- Enhances oral sex
- 4 oz. pop-cap bottles
- Extending the wildly successful GoodHead line
- Proudly made in America

Indian God Lotion Delay Spray

Indian God LONG-PLAY JET Lotion is an outstanding product for the prevention of premature ejaculation. It has been the market leader AROUND THE WORLD for over 20 years.

Indian God Lotion For Premature Ejaculation has huge success worldwide and is recognized as the best product available to prevent premature ejaculation in men.
You will discover the infinite pleasures of sex without the embarrassments of premature ejaculation.

Indian God Lotion sustains your erection unlike many desensitizers, which can deaden the erection. This product is ideal for individuals possessing the stamina to endure lengthy sessions of intercourse and sexual engagement. It is a unique and successful approach for regaining ejaculatory control.

Premature Ejaculation has 1 major cause - sensitivity much greater than normal. Severe Sensitivity on the head of penis causes premature ejaculation.


Contains a potent combination of ingredients to reduce sensitivity in the penis head. No greasy desensitizing creams.
Step 1: Spray a thin coverage to the head of the penis
Step 2: Wait a minimum of 60 minutes.

For maximum effect, spray once, wait 30 minutes, apply another spray and wait another 30 minutes. Then have sex any time. It has been reported that the effects of preventing premature ejaculation have lasted as long as 12 hours even if you have a shower.

One bottle contains on average 16 sprays.


Active Ingredients

Radic Asari......................0.2%
Isopropyl Alcohol..............70%

Comfortably Numb Throat Numbing Spray

Comfortably Numb is a flavoured desensitising spray specially formulated to reduce the discomfort associated with oral sex. The refreshing mist contains a mild numbing agent that coats the back of the throat, helping to suppress gag reflex and prevent discomfort during oral sex. Discreet enough to take with you wherever you go, this special spritz doubles as a breath freshener as well.

Available in:

  • Mint Chocolate

  • Spearmint

  • Cinnamon

JO Prolonger For Men Gel/Spray

JO for Men Prolonger Gel enhances performance and increases longevity using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. This benzocaine-free gel is a gentle yet long -lasting desensitizer that makes a perfect choice for sensitive skin.  Provides a harder, stronger, longer invigorated feeling for an intense encounter.

ON by Sensuva - Original & Chocolate

Thousands of women have tried it, and they all have the same thing to say...

How did you do it? It has a beautiful sensation like a warm tingling vibrator! it has supercharged  my intimate experiences. And it's all natural?!

Other female arousal products function on menthol, or vaso-dilators (such as L-Arginine). We use neither. ON uses botanical ingredients that have been known for centuries – but our clever blending is the difference !

This product produces several sensations, starting with an immediate warming effect, then followed by a gentle pulsating tingling. All of this is intended to cause increased arousal and better orgasms. Some women have described this as a the elusive 3rd level of orgasm ! It will be an experince that will make you want more..more...more...!!


ON Chocolate is a chocolate flavored arousal product made with a unique blend of pure essential oils & extracts. When applied to the clitoris, ON Chocolate creates an exciting sensation that pulsates and vibrates the most sensitive part of her sensual body, and has a delicious chocolaty flavor for her partner to enjoy. ON Chocolate will dramatically heighten a womans arousal, and most women feel as though they are lubricating more.

• Helps women lubricate MORE!

• Increases blood flow and sensation

• Feels like it vibrates and pulsates

• Helps women have orgasms more easily and more intensely

• Shockingly powerful

• Works quickly!

• Effects can last up to an hour

• Safe for oral sex – it even helps keep your mouth more wet!

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