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Novelties & Games

Bachelorette/Hen's Night Party Novelties

We offer a good selection of bachelorette party products. We pick the latest party supplies to help make bachelorette party planning fun and easy for you.


We realize that planning a bachelorette party can be stressful and difficult. Keeping up with the bride-to-be’s demands, making sure you’ve invited the right people, pleasing everyone—that’s a lot for any party planner to handle! We do everything to make bachelorette party shopping hilarious, easy and fun—just the way you want your bachelorette party.


You’ll find plenty of party ideas and suggestions here. Want to treat the bachelorette to a memorable night on the town? Thinking of throwing a house party? You’ll find everything you need, from decorations to drinking supplies to party games instore.

Buck Show Novelties

Just like Bachelorette parties we have a selection of novelty items which are a MUST for every Buck's Party.  From inflatable farm animals to boobie aprons to handcuffs we have it all.  While we understand it's never as stressful a time planning a buck's show versus a bachelorette party, we'll  make the shopping experience easy and fun.  You can't be without those few essentials needed for each Buck show.


Come into the shop and see our range.


Sex Fortunes Card Deck


Predict you lover’s sexual future with Sex Fortunes.   The deck resembles a standard tarot card deck with one major difference, the fortunes are all sex related.   For example, he receives oral sex in the King of Flesh Swords, and she is completely pampered by the Empress Card.   Other cards include sex positions, such as The Sun, The Six of Clits, and The Lovers.   Act out as many cards as you want from your fortune but watch out for the Death Card (illustrating a premature ejaculation) that causes you to lose your turn in favor of your lover’s next fortune reading.

Funny Adult Novelties

From Sexxy Soaps to Keychains to Inflatable Animals, if it's a little naughty and should only be seen by Adults, then we'll have it.


  • Inflatables

  • Games

  • Cards

  • Aprons

  • Cookware

  • Beach/Bath time fun

  • Footwear

  • Greeting Cards

  • Drinkware

  • Ice Molds

  • Body Paints

  • BJ Blast

  • Clone-A-Willy Kits

  • Clone-A-Pussy Kits


And Much Much More


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