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Male Masturbators

Zolo Pocket Pool Masturbation Sleeve


A squishy little egg shaped stroker that both men and women can enjoy in a variety of ways. It's stretchy, soft, and incredibly discreet, and comes in four unique textures that will get you off almost instantly. Choose from the Corner Pocket, Rack 'Em, Sure Shot, and Straight Shooter textures, each one designed to get you off with an assortment of ridges and soft, squishy texture.

Pry open the plain black spherical case and inside you'll find a soft and stretchy little ball. One end has an opening while the other end is closed, creating lots of suction when it wraps around his shaft. Inside the squishy ball is a textured tunnel with intricate creative textures placed at strategic intervals.

Use the Pocket Pool Masturbator as a smooth stroker that you can thrust inside for some seriously stimulating masturbation or try slipping it over top of your favourite dildo for a fun new texture. It's also a lot of fun slipped over a couple of fingers to pleasure your lover inside.

Climax harder and faster than ever before with your choice of deep ribbed texture in a variety of colours with the Pocket Pool masturbator from Zolo and you can get off any time you want!

Sono No. 23 Stroker


This “TPE” Stroker is designed with a ribbed structure canal that gets tighter the further you go in. Also it’s very stretchable but it remains firm irrespective your size. Because of the exterior it has an amazing grip that feels very comfortable in use and since its created out of flexible material you can simply squeeze it to increase pressure. All this together makes it the perfect masturbator to spice up your sex life so choose between the Translucent, Grey or Black version and squeeze yourself to ecstatic atmospheres!

Zero Tolerance Perfect Stroke

Discover the first pump and stroker combination that lets you start right from the beginning of your fantasy with patented Accumulation Technology ™! There’s no need to prime yourself first – you can start ‘soft’ and let the full experience unfold from start to glorious finish! With a life-like mouth for entry, you can enjoy incredible fellatio with pleasure bumps for added sensation. Use with Perfect Stroke lube and cleaner for best results and longevity of your stroker. Rinse with warm water after washing.

  • Made from TPR

  • Sucks and strokes flaccid and erect penises

  • Mind blowing orgasms

  • Perfect for erectile dysfuntion

  • Patented Accumulation Technology ™

  • Ejaculate flaccid or erect

  • Custom Tapered Stroker

  • Discreet tin carrying case

  • Life-like anal entry

  • Pleasure bumps and ridges for added sensation

  • Phthalate and latex free

  • Free movie download

  • Free lube pack inside

Penthouse Pop A Pussy

  • Experience your ultimate fantasy tonight. Take your favorite Penthouse® Model home with you!

  • Molded from your favorite Penthouse® Models

  • CyberSkin® material feels soft, just like real skin – close your eyes you can’t tell the difference

  • Each Penthouse® POP A PUSSY feels unique inside; collect them all

  • Hand painted for a realistic look

  • Waterproof for fun anytime, anywhere

  • Phthalate free

  • Made in the USA


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